loft, house and Garden Clearance

Pests leave traces of their presence behind even when the pest problem is solved. In heavy infestations, loft spaces, houses and gardens can become heavily contaminated with rat droppings and urine. Not to mention also that rats chew and cause damage to pretty much anything that can be in the roof or living space of your home.

Our clean-up operations range from carrying out biocide treatments to full loft, house or garden clearances.


Disinfection treatments


Our pest control operators apply a disinfectant biocide designed specifically against rodent borne diseases.

Through application via cold fogging machines or direct application as a course spray we apply to areas where it would be possible to come into contact with rodent droppings, urine, nesting materials, carcasses.

We can also apply to areas of where those who might work in areas where rodents have been active.

  • Evidence of Hantavirus infection has been found in UK commensal rodents
  • Hantavirus can lead to haemorrhagic fever in humans and is believed to be contracted by contact with or inhalation of dust from rodent droppings or urine
  • Leptospira spp, which cause Leptospirosis (a.k.a. Weil’s disease) are carried by 14% of rats and 80% of mice
  • Salmonella spp can survive in rat faeces for up to 86 days
  • E. coli has been recovered from rodent faeces for over 36 weeks


Loft / house clearance works


Following the application of specialist disinfectant (as above) to remove the immediate threat of coming into contact with disease organisms, contaminated materials can be removed.

Depending on the level of previous rodent activity, we can carry out a full loft clearance or if required we can clear the living spaces of your home from single items to full clearance.

All rodent presence can be removed together with all loft insulation, carpets etc. Finally we carry out a thorough vacuum of the loft/ house and ‘reapply’ another disinfection treatment.


Proofing works


So how did the pests get in in the first place? Rats often get to the roof space or main living areas of your home via open wall cavities, broken drainage or even missing roofing tiles and there could be other entry points harder to find. Following a loft / house clearance additional access points can be found. Our technicians are trained to find entry points and we can offer solutions to seal them up to help prevent future infestations.


For more information regarding any rat, mouse or other vermin control, clearance or disposal, please contact us at INFO@ANTSPESTS.CO.UK or phone on 07340529233